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The Transformation of Knowledge: Manish Tewari

30 Apr

Manish Tewari, Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India In the past two decades you’ve seen a fundamental transformation in the information architecture of the world. The emergence of the Internet toward the middle of the ‘90’s – now there are a lot of people who take credit for that invention but be that […]

Straight Talk: Do College Rankings Matter?

17 Apr

Straight Talk: Do College Rankings Matter? [Part 1 in a 2 part series] By Pushkar Prospective students should not decide where to study based on college rankings alone. College and university rankings have become a routine feature of India’s higher education landscape. Magazines such as India Today, Outlook and Careers 360 prepare all-India rankings on an annual basis […]

The JOSH Wrap

11 Apr

JOSH, an initiative started by a few college students in Delhi, aims to inspire and motivate today’s youngsters to get up and follow their passion and turn their dreams into reality. Their first conference – JOSH Talk 2014 – held at the Air Force Auditorium, New Delhi on the 6th of April, featured a panel […]

Teenage Introspection

9 Apr

Nanki Singh

It’s so hard to be yourself in a world that is constantly evolving, and  trying to transform us in the process. If you conditioned yourself to follow every norm of society, yes, you will fit in – but the question is: are you trying to fit in or stand out? Until the fourth grade, the first […]

Brookings India Column: Student’s weigh in on India’s Challenges

1 Apr

At a recent engagement with students from St Stephen’s College, Delhi University, Brookings India conducted a series of interviews asking students on what they thought were the biggest issues India faced. Brookings Young India Election Views Courtesy of Brookings India