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Why I worry about President Trump’s exit from the Paris Agreement

15 Jun

It is no secret that the global environment scenario faced a massive setback earlier in June. Apparently, the US president thinks that his responsibility as a leader doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of his own nation. While talking about his decision to go against international well-being for “national good” President Trump said, “I am the […]

Why Are Indian Students in Pursuit of a Western Education?

22 Nov

Being one of the growing number of CBSE students opting to go abroad for higher studies, I have been questioned on the same often. Questions like ‘Why abroad?’, ‘What is so different there?’, and ‘Is it not a wasteful expense?’ are staple in such conversations. The answer, however, is not something everyone can easily understand. […]

Debate: The Foreign Universities Bill

12 Jun

The Foreign Universities Bill was a creation of the former Indian UPA government – a measure which, if passed, would enable top-notch institutions from around the world to set up campuses in India – has been revived by the current Modi-led government. Human Resources Development Ministry, led by Smriti Irani, is said to have this bill […]

Creating a new model for Education

15 May

How can we create models of learning and entrepreneurship through utilization of the private sector? We asked Gurjit Singh Lalli, Director at the Asia-Scotland Institute  for his take. Lalli is also Director of an USD $80 million social investment fund, and Ambassador at HRH Prince Charles Youth Business Trust, and Co-Founder of Power of Youth, […]

Brookings India Column: Higher Education in India

23 Jan

On Dec 9, 2013, Experts in higher education converged at Brookings India to discuss some of the most pressing challenges confronting the sector. The panel – comprising Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor; Principal of Somverville College at the University of Oxford, Alice Prochaska; and the Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global […]