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KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy – An Incredible Experience

21 Jul

So yesterday someone asked me to describe my experience in the KWHS Wharton Summer School. My reply was “extraordinary”, but now contemplating my reply, I realize that it cannot possibly be summarized in one word. Yes, the experience of staying in University of Pennsylvania and studying in the Jon Huntsman Wharton Building would be overwhelmingly […]

Word Nerd: 5 Famous Misquotations (What Wasn’t Said and Who Didn’t Say it)

18 Jul

“(I)t is not desirable to confine knowledge to whatever can be put into a useful shape for examinations, drawing-rooms, or the still more pretentious modes of publicity.” —T.S. Eliot, Tradition and Individual Talent Quotations are a natural intellectual currency. Whether you’re a literature major, or a movie buff, an amateur historian or a sci-fi nerd […]

Two Unforgettable Weeks at the KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy

13 Jul

It’s not every day that one gets to meet the author of a New York Times bestseller (who also happens to be a Marketing professor at one of the best business schools in the world), attend his obviously incredible lecture, and get a signed copy of his bestselling book! Sounds unreal, right? Thanks to Knowledge@Wharton […]

Word Nerd: Democracy

11 Jul

July is when some of the oldest modern democracies celebrate freedom from tyranny and arbitrary rule – Canada on July 1, the US on July 4, and France on July 14. On July 9, Argentina celebrated 200 years of independence from the Spanish empire. The United States freed itself from British rule 240 years ago, […]

Word Nerd: Cool Words You Should Know if You’re a Vegetarian in the USA

4 Jul

Today, 4th of July, is USA’s Independence Day. It’s a day which will be celebrated with fireworks, parades and fare sampled outdoors – beer butt chicken, Louisiana crawfish boil, Cajun fries, and the regular hot dogs.  If you’re like me, most of these dishes probably sound as mysterious as they sound tempting. Except hot dogs, […]