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KWHS alumna gives TED-ed talk on valuing young voices

19 Mar

A student ambassador for BrainGain magazine, Ananya Grover studies at Amity International School in Noida. She thinks of herself as a nerd with a head full of questions about existence and experience. Ananya has an artistic side too – she loves dancing and calligraphy. In 2017, she attended Session A of Knowledge@Wharton Global Young Leaders’ […]

Kali in Dundee: Indian student’s unique response to assignment

11 Dec

Imagine traveling all the way to Dundee to study anatomy, and coming face to face with the Hindu Goddess Kali. Thanks to the creativity of Tejesvini Padma, a student on the Medical Art MSc offered by the University of Dundee, this is now a probability. Tejeswini sculpted a facial model of Kali as a part […]

Word Nerd: How We Are Divided by a Common Language

5 Sep

359 million of us may speak English but accents still distinguish us – just like the brand of our watch or sunglasses, the degree we hold, or the clothes we wear. When we travel, accents can seem like verbal passports – they announce who we are and where we’re from. They also help us build […]

Word Nerd: How to talk about race

9 May

Sometimes, students who are getting ready to go abroad to study have apprehensions about using words to describe race or ethnicity that may offend someone. Here’s a rough guide to talking about race. What is race? There is no scientific basis for race. No DNA defines black, white, or any other people. Some populations share […]

How we made a prize-winning marine sciences video

19 Apr

On January 15, my teammate Meha Gandhi and I submitted a video entry into the Marine Sciences category of the Advance to Australia film-making project. Our criterion was to make a three-minute video on the topic ‘Marine Sciences – India’s coastal and marine environments: A future for everyone?’ Instead of basing our video on the […]

Word Nerd: Spring fever

21 Mar

Spring means many things to many people: cute little lambs frolicking about, flowers, spring fever, Easter…. For people who suffer from pollen allergies, it may mean staggering about in an anti-histamine stupor. For couch potatoes, it means this: Above: Spring has sprung, and a couch prepares for rebirth Of course, “spring” can also mean a […]