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Word Nerd: 6 Wintry Phrases You Can Use All Round the Year

26 Dec

Winter is not only coming, it is well & truly here. If not in the Game of Thrones, at least in the northern hemisphere. For Monsoon, we did a piece on how weather is a great source of creative inspiration in literature. So, for this week’s Word Nerd, we will look at 6 idiomatic phrases […]

How nerdy can the Mannequin Challenge get? This lab has it down to a science

20 Dec

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), a US government-funded research facility, recently issued a serious challenge to other research units: can they beat the nerd quotient of their amazing mannequin challenge? Established by the University of California in 1952, LLNL is a government-funded research and development facility that focuses on national security, especially nuclear weapons. […]

Word Nerd: 9 Weird Words for Body Parts

19 Dec

The human body fascinates all of us endlessly. It’s front and center – on magazine covers, in poetry and medical journals, in cultural debates and literary criticism, in rites and experiments. There are ways in which we talk about it, ways in which we should talk about it, and ways in which we never should. […]

What makes studying at United World College a wonderful experience

15 Dec

I had never even changed school before. All my life I had studied at one place. So, it was difficult leaving DPS Ruby Park: friends, memories, even teachers and the school itself. It was not just about school though. I was leaving my city, where I had lived all my life; I was leaving my […]

Word Nerd: 5 kinds of mercury

12 Dec

What an amazing planet we live on! Right now, the Australian bureau of meterology is reporting that it’s pretty hot (highs in the mid-30s Celsius, which is mid-90s Fahrenheit) in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. Meanwhile, in Canada’s Alberta province, where it’s -17°C (2°F) and snowing, local news media are informing the public on what to […]

Word Nerd: 5 expressions for the December holiday season

5 Dec

December is here, and that means holiday season in many parts of the world. Sure, everyone is familiar with the more common holiday traditions, like Santa Claus and decorated trees. But if it’s your first December as an international student, you’re probably on a learning curve. Let us help you out! 1. Snow Day This […]

Do you suffer from academic anxiety? Then this hilarious video is for you!

2 Dec

The good folks at Arizona State University understand that college students suffer from anxiety due to a number of reasons. That’s why they made this, uh, totally scientific and informative video. Millions of students experience stress, sleep deprivation, academic status report denial, and a host of other symptoms. If you have any of those symptoms, […]

5 thoughts that cross every student’s mind in the final year of college

1 Dec

It feels as if 3 years of college whizzed past in the blink of an eye. The final year is something of a summation of one’s entire college journey. Some have life all figured out, while others are still clueless about where they’re headed. Whatever emotional roller coaster you’re on, these 5 thoughts definitely cross […]