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Is The Digital Degree the Future?

27 Jun

The Economist published a thought-provoking piece on whether the future of higher education was a digital degree; June 28th 2014. The article combined three key points – briefly summarized: 1.  the university model has remained unchanged for years – the lecturing, the cramming, and the examinations that follow are more or less the experience of […]

PSAT and How it can Help High School Students: The College Board

17 Jun

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®), is a comprehensive, standardized assessment administered at schools on fixed dates each October that helps prepare students for the SAT. The PSAT is an important step in a student’s path to university success. It assesses subject matter learned in high school and problem-solving skills in three areas: […]

Debate: The Foreign Universities Bill

12 Jun

The Foreign Universities Bill was a creation of the former Indian UPA government – a measure which, if passed, would enable top-notch institutions from around the world to set up campuses in India – has been revived by the current Modi-led government. Human Resources Development Ministry, led by Smriti Irani, is said to have this bill […]

Brookings India Column: India’s New Government

6 Jun

Excerpted from Brookings India Fellow Dr. Shamika Ravi, and Mr. R.N. Ravi,  former Special Director, Intelligence Bureau of India, address questions on the economic and foreign policy priorities for the new government:   How will Narendra Modi govern? Is he the right person to lead India during this challenging time in its history? Narendra Modi has won […]

Straight Talk: Good riddance to junk engineering colleges?

3 Jun

Straight Talk: Good riddance to junk engineering colleges? By Pushkar Many of India’s private engineering colleges are in a jam. Over the past few years, several of them, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, are reportedly unable to attract sufficient number of students to break even. As a result, their owners want to reduce the […]