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The Lockdown Diaries: Studying for an MBA in London from home

27 May

Arushi Gupta, a full-time MBA student at Imperial College Business School, writes about pursuing her MBA online whilst in lockdown in London due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Arushi Gupta When I moved over to London from Delhi to study for my Full-time MBA at Imperial College, I certainly did not expect to finish this traditionally […]

Word Nerd: Should Your Valedictions be Sincere or Faithful?

7 Nov

In this Word Nerd, we are talking valedictions, which sounds fancy; cucumber-sandwiches-and-Earl-Grey-with-the-Queen-and-Archbishop-fancy. But it’s just Latin for farewell. As Robertson Davies once said, “When John Ryder, for instance, writes I utter valediction to the author of my being, he means simply that he said goodbye to his mother.” And farewells are as important in the […]

Brookings India Column: India’s New Government

6 Jun

Excerpted from http://brookings.in/ Brookings India Fellow Dr. Shamika Ravi, and Mr. R.N. Ravi,  former Special Director, Intelligence Bureau of India, address questions on the economic and foreign policy priorities for the new government:   How will Narendra Modi govern? Is he the right person to lead India during this challenging time in its history? Narendra Modi has won […]

Straight Talk: Good riddance to junk engineering colleges?

3 Jun

Straight Talk: Good riddance to junk engineering colleges? By Pushkar Many of India’s private engineering colleges are in a jam. Over the past few years, several of them, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, are reportedly unable to attract sufficient number of students to break even. As a result, their owners want to reduce the […]

Employment, Empowerment & Education

2 May

India is young and restless and our youth has dreams and aspirations – and as a policy maker, I believe it is our duty to help them achieve their goals. To achieve their goals I think we need to focus on new politics. And the agenda of new politics is that the new politics should […]