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Word Nerd: What You See is Not What You Say

13 Mar

Is English a phonetic language? Yes. No. Maybe. If it was as phonetic a language as Hindi or Spanish, we would speak it just as we spell it. Instead, we have the silent k’s (knowledge, knight, kneel) and g’s (gnash, gnostic, gnome), the moody oe sound (shoes, does, goes), and the troublesome th (Thames, Thomas, […]

Word Nerd: 5 English phrases that only Indians truly get

27 Feb

English is a language that often seems to divide rather than unite its speakers from various parts of the former British empire. For example, when Americans speak of ‘boots’ and ‘bonnets’, they are referring to things you wear, but in British English, of course, the words refer to the front and back of a car, […]

How a Rejection Letter from Oxford Became Viral Artwork

17 Jan

Claudia Vulliamy, an 18-year old from London, applied to study Classics at Wadham College, one of Oxford University’s 38 constituent colleges. If accepted, she would have started her course in September. But, with more than 24000 applications for approximately 3200 seats, Oxford proved a tough sell. And her application was rejected. What she did next […]

Word Nerd: Curving, Carrying & Dropping Balls – 8 Fun Idioms You Should Know

16 Jan

In this Word Nerd, we are talking about balls, because, apparently, we talk about balls a lot! And not just in the context of sports. It is a common metaphor in politics, business, or any kind of conversation. Not surprising, given that humans have been preoccupied with balls for millennia. There are handball drawings on […]

How nerdy can the Mannequin Challenge get? This lab has it down to a science

20 Dec

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), a US government-funded research facility, recently issued a serious challenge to other research units: can they beat the nerd quotient of their amazing mannequin challenge? Established by the University of California in 1952, LLNL is a government-funded research and development facility that focuses on national security, especially nuclear weapons. […]

What makes studying at United World College a wonderful experience

15 Dec

I had never even changed school before. All my life I had studied at one place. So, it was difficult leaving DPS Ruby Park: friends, memories, even teachers and the school itself. It was not just about school though. I was leaving my city, where I had lived all my life; I was leaving my […]

7 stars who just love to study

24 Feb

The 88th Academy Awards are here! And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably gearing up for an Oscar movie marathon, and wondering what they’re going to wear. In our celebrity-mad world, we sometimes mistakenly assume that film stars’ lives are all about beautiful clothes and parties. Fact is, some of them have a geek […]

Summer Programs for High School Students at Wharton

19 Jan

As Lao Tzu famously said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” A short duration of time spent at a summer school program, like at the ones run by the Wharton School of Business, can make a lasting impact on the character and career of a student. The Wharton School, founded […]

Canadian Marketing Strategy Competition for Students

30 Jul

Canada Rotman Marketing Strategy Competition For Students Develop a Marketing Strategy & WIN A TRIP TO CANADA The High Commission of Canada in partnership with the Rotman School of Management (Canada) invite students to develop a marketing strategy to promote Canada as a destination for higher education and research in India. Prizes: FIRST PRIZE: 10 day […]

Indian student wins Prestigious Australian Scholarship

18 Dec

Indian student Uttam Kumar has beaten more than 37,000 competitors from 190 countries, to win the Australian Government’s prestigious Win your Future Unlimited competition. His prize includes 12 months study at Australia’s world class University of New South Wales, return air-flights, 12 months free accommodation, a generous stipend and the opportunity for an exclusive internship […]