5 thoughts that cross every student’s mind in the final year of college

1 Dec

Library at Government Law College, Mumbai (image by Shivam Kakadia, used under CC license)

Library at Government Law College, Mumbai (image by Shivam Kakadia, used under CC license)

It feels as if 3 years of college whizzed past in the blink of an eye. The final year is something of a summation of one’s entire college journey. Some have life all figured out, while others are still clueless about where they’re headed. Whatever emotional roller coaster you’re on, these 5 thoughts definitely cross your mind when graduation approaches.

1. How did it all happen so fast?

Seriously, where did all the time go? It feels like it was only yesterday when I was making a list of the ‘must-do’ things in college. But it was 3 years ago. And now I’m watching my juniors go out partying, while I sit here, sobbing because the most carefree days of my life are numbered.

2. Call from the real world

Should I get a job? Should I go to grad school? Should I just take a year off and go to Africa? It’s perplexing. Most of us are still figuring out our future plans. “What should I do after college?” is life’s biggest question right now.

3. Saying farewell to friends

No matter how crazy your friends are, you cannot resist the melancholy of not being able to hang out with them after college is over. Yeah, those group study sessions that eventually turn into sleepovers – say goodbye to those!

4. End-of-college blues

The end of college means the end of countless hours of shooting the breeze, bunking classes, being entertained by professors’ quirks, and just being around your friends for as long as your heart desires. The best four years of your life are ending and there’s nothing you can do about that.

5. Vibes of a new life

The last days of college keep sending you these vibes of the new life that you’ll be living. You’ll be a graduate. Life will change, no one is sure how, but it will, in mysterious and unexpected ways. It’s just a glimmer of excitement at this point, but it’s unmistakably there.


By Cherryy Chauhan

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