5 ‘facts’ about engineering students

25 Nov


When it comes to STEM fields, many people rely on stereotypes that don’t always match up to the reality. We take a look at 5 ‘facts’ about engineering students, and see whether they are true or false.

1. They’re nearly all men
Not quite all. The number of women enrolled in engineering colleges has doubled over the past decade. According to official sources (the 2015 annual report of the University Grants Commission, to be precise), most women were enrolled in arts, science, and commerce. But among the professional faculties (engineering, technology, medicine, agricultural sciences, and so on), the highest number of women was in engineering and technology. It’s true, though, that the engineering and tech fields are male-dominated, not just in India but worldwide.

2. They’re nerds
False. Did you know that Asia’s largest college cultural festival is held in an engineering college? IIT Bombay’s annual cultural fest, Mood Indigo, attracted some 131,000 students from across the country last year. And it’s not a new trend either – Mood I is 46 years old.

3. They have no social skills
False. Well, engineers are people. They do pretty much the same things as any other college student. So you will find the same diversity of student interests in an engineering college as on any other campus. And if they’re so socially inept, how do you explain the fact that so many of them successfully run million-dollar companies?

4. Must love math
Only partly true. It’s a compulsory subject for 3 semesters, but it’s not every engineer’s favorite. It’s worth noting that math proficiency is necessary for many fields besides engineering. And honestly, not everyone loves math.

5. Complementary management degree
Not really. It’s true that engineers comprise 80% to 90% of the students admitted to the Indian Institutes of Management, but that doesn’t necessarily mean most engineers have a management career.

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By: Cherryy Chauhan

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