5 Fascinating Firsts of the University of Pennsylvania

23 Jun

UPenn University of Pennsylvania

We all know UPenn is one of the best. Here are five facts about the trailblazing university’s fascinating firsts – from opening schools of business to relay races. Read more below!

#1 Founded by Benjamin Franklin, UPenn hosted the first school of medicine, the first student union, and is the first collegiate business school in the United States.

#2 UPenn is the first American college to have been founded on strictly secular principles.

#3 Industrialist Joseph Wharton established the first collegiate school of business in the world at the University of Pennsylvania In 1881.

#4 The Penn Relays, hosted annually, is the oldest and largest track and field event in the United States – it started in 1895. The event is held in April each year and attracts hundreds of participants.

#5 Where was the first computer made? You guessed it right – Upenn! The first general-purpose electronic computer (ENIAC) was made in 1946 at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering.

Compiled by Jai Dang

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