5 tips to convince your parents to let you study abroad

22 Feb

So you’ve shortlisted universities, taken the exams you need to take, and even got great scores. And yet, your dream of studying abroad has screeched to a halt. The reason? Your parents aren’t ready to let their precious fledgling fly from the nest. If this sounds like your story, here are a few tips that could come in handy as you sweat your way through that inevitable discussion that determines the fate of your dream to study abroad.

1. Present a blueprint. The first step to convincing your parents is to show them that you’ve got it all figured out. Dig into those search engines and outline your plans for your studies carefully.


2. Highlight the academic benefits. Next, throw in the advantages of doing your chosen course at a university abroad. Explain to your parents how overseas experience will add significant weight to your CV and help you build your career in your chosen field.


3. Work out the finances. Your parents want you to have the best, and they work hard for it. They are already daunted at the thought of sending their baby to a distant country. Don’t let hefty tuition expenses add to their apprehension. Raveena, a final-year student in the Master’s program in landscape architecture at the University of Manitoba, Canada, says she clearly explained to her parents her plan for managing her finances. “I even kept them updated throughout the semesters about my savings and expenses every month. After a few months, they were no longer asking me if I was handling my expenses well enough or not,” she says.


4. Keep in touch. The pain of separation from their child can be heartbreaking for some parents. Assure them you’ll be in touch frequently, and set aside some time each day or each week for them.


5. Be sure they understand how important this is to you. Perhaps this is the most crucial thing. Take the trouble to help them realise how serious you are about doing this. “I sat them down and poured my heart out,” says Nishtha, a PhD student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. “I told them that I had been working on this for years, that I’ve finally been accepted to the institute of my choice with a prestigious scholarship, and that I don’t want to miss out on my dream. After that, they just hugged me and went to my room to help me start packing.”


By: Cherryy Chauhan


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