6 digital publications every young adult should check out

25 Jul

6 digital publications every young adult should check out

At BrainGain Magazine, we thoroughly appreciate well-written, interesting and funny articles. (Hopefully, we write some ourselves.)  Thanks to the internet, it is entirely possible to delve into history, the future and fiction all in the span of half an hour. But in the era of clickbait-y titles, half baked thought pieces and covert marketing, it can be difficult to find insightful, compelling and educational articles from sources you can trust. Fear not, dear reader! The following six publications are perfect for young adults like you to read on that long commute or winding down after a long day. They are guaranteed to impress the teacher you want a recommendation from and your friends at the party next week.

History Today
Did you know that picnics were originally elaborate feasts held indoors by the elites of France and England? Or that white women are largely responsible for the popularity and propagandist nature of the Klu Klux Klan? The widely celebrated magazine History Today digs up interesting and overlooked topics just like these for you to discover. Think of it like Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist history, except the range of topics is much wider, and the voices more varied. The articles published are also heavily vetted by scholars and journalists alike, so you’re guaranteed good quality work.

The Planet
This award winning magazine is housed under the Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University.The Planet has been printing quarterly magazines since 1969, and started digital publications in 2014. It is the only magazine undergraduate magazine dedicated to the environment in the U.S. and is entirely student run. Topics covered range from the decline of swallows, to harassment in the agriculture industry and the carbon tax initiative. All its content is accompanied by stellar photography, which in itself makes it a must read., and a bend towards saving the planet.

Discover Magazine
Launched in 1980 by Time Inc. Discover Magazine covers all things science and technology. While they write primarily for an American readership, they cover many fascinating topics that will not only make you sound smart but understand the larger context of the universe, both around us and in our minds. Whether its travelling the universe through black holes, Elon Musk’s nearly ready mind reading AI implant, or how a zombie fungus iskilling ants, Discover Today has truly fascinating articles about the vast, the weird and the newest in science and technology.

Munchies- Vice
A subsidiary of Vice, Munchies explores the wondrous world of food by combining eclectic topics with the thorough passion of its writers. Whether its a hilarious story about sommeliers tasting Mountain Dew flavours or an in depth look at chain restaurant menus. My personal favourite is a somewhat voyeuristic, but nevertheless fun series that features the personal fridges of professional chefs. Whether you need a laugh or want to learn about a specific food, this tongue-in-cheek approach publication is the one for you.

Electric Literature
This journal turned not-for-profit digital publisher actively tries to explore the corners of literature often overlooked in the mainstream. That means celebrating female, queer and writers of colour who are experimenting with prose and verse. Electric literature offers insightful and beautifully written essays, conversations, reading lists and news in the world of literature. Their Recommended Reading section publishes short stories and novel excerpts, while The Commuter features flash fiction, poetry and graphic stories. It is the most complete and freshest space online for both lovers of literature and the casual reader alike.

BrainGain Magazine
Yes, we may be a bit biased about this one, but BrainGain magazine is one of the leading online sources on international higher education. It covers the basics of admissions and scholarships, but also delves into the deeper aspects of student life, including resources concerning safety, mental health, politics and culture. As a magazine, we consistently strive for a diversity of voices. Whether its student accounts of summer programs or life in university, innovative professors offering advice and discussing their research, tips for a balanced student life or saving money, we’ve got you covered!

By: Anandamayee Singh


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