7 Funniest YouTube Channels

4 Jan

If you’re watching something interesting, informative, or funny – chances are you’re YouTubing. Here are 7 of the funniest YouTube channels for you to love and laugh about!

1. Jennamarbles


Jenna Marbles or Jenna Mourey is one of few females who hosts a channel in YouTube’s top 20. Mourey gained popularity in 2010 with her hilarious video, “How to Trick People into Thinking you’re Good Looking”. Since then, Jenna has been updating her channel once a week with a new video bomb.

2. Nigahiga


An extremely popular comedy channel, where the majority of videos are made by one guy – Ryan Higa. Ryan experiments with different comic styles: bright parodies (“Daily Life of Rustin Hieber”, “Movies in Minutes”), hilarious how-to guides (“How To Be Gangster” or “How To Be Emo”), the so-called “Off the Pill” rants, “Dear Ryan” Q&A videos, and much more. NigaHiga has been on YouTube’s top 20 for many years. It’s something you just shouldn’t miss.

3. IISuperwomanII


IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh needs no introduction. I’m sure you already know her. Lilly is Indo-Canadian, and rose to fame with the video, “Shit Brown Mothers Say”. In many of her videos, she portrays her over the top Indian parents – always funny to watch and super relatable.

4. Kingsley


If you love to complain, you’ll love Kingsley’s rants about celebrities in particular, and people in general. He has a series of videos about #OverexposedThings, like the Harlem shake, twerking, and Kim Kardashian’s baby. He also has videos where he answers questions from his viewers. If you get offended easily, stay away from Kingsley. But if you like when people poke fun at popularity, and can tolerate cursing, go enjoy his videos!

5. TheFineBros


TheFineBros, a.k.a. Benny and Rafi Fine are the minds behind the popular React videos on YouTube. The popularity of the award-winning Kids React series lead to the creation of several other React video series; Teens React, Elders React and YouTubers React. Spoilers – another popular series, which is exactly what it sounds like, spoils any significant plot detail from books to movies to video games.

6. ConvosWith2YrOld


Conversations with a two years old? Fun or frustrating. On this channel, instead of the kid, a grown man reenacts the role. This channel can make anyone laugh, as everything is hilarious. Watching a grown man have a fit over a cookie is comedy gold.

7. TylerOakley

Basically, a one man show like Kingsley, but truly over the top. Tyler is funny and very endearing. He narrates incidents in the most creative of ways. You want to see what he gets up to everyday. When it comes to challenge games Tyler’s channel is the best.


Compiled by Yana Yadav

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