7 Things You Need to Know About High School Summer Programs

20 Jan

What comes to your mind first when you think of high school summer programs? Probably endlessly boring lectures on stuff you hardly care about, bespectacled professors reminding you of what’s coming and how you need to brace yourselves, and you sulking and cursing your fate. Should I start preparing for college before college even starts, you ask. As much as you hate the idea of leaving all the summer fun behind, taking up a high school program this summer might just be the best decision of your life. So, before you leave things at sixes and sevens, here is a list of things you need to know about high school summer programs:


Contrary to popular belief, high school summer programs aren’t military camps camouflaged in rainbows. There is a fair amount of learning involved, but that’s just one facet of it. There is a lot more to these programs than what your friends just told you (so you could go to the beach with them instead). For instance, the 2-week summer program being offered by Knowledge@Wharton High School comprehensively packs academia and amusement. So, picture engaging leadership sessions, guided tours, community service, cultural and social events, people, food, campus life; I suggest you bring your friends along, or leave them green with envy.




My feeling about seeing the world is that it is going to change you necessarily, just the very fact of being out there and meeting people from different cultures and different ways of life.” – Ewan McGregor Not only does travelling open up new worlds, it also makes you more understanding and tolerant towards other cultures and people. If understanding the American culture is what interests you, I suggest you enroll for the summer program being offered by Knowledge@Wharton HS Global young Leaders Academy. With Philadelphia visits and east coast tours lined up for students, this program will ensure you get a chance to experience the American Dream up close and personal.




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What’s the best part about visiting new countries? Undoubtedly, food. And people too. But most importantly, food. There is a whole new dimension of culinary experience waiting to be explored as you decide to opt for a high school summer program this season. And while you connect with students from different countries and make new friends, drive your taste buds crazy with all the food.



Don’t be alarmed.

Resumes are something that land you jobs, or in your case, your dream college. One mention of the fact that you took a high school summer program (say, from Wharton), and you come out as somebody who is serious about things. Bingo!



Come on, it’s a high school summer program after all. The one Wharton’s offering covers the topic of financial literacy, something that all business school aspirants should know about. It’s not rocket science, folks! So while you are there, exploring the livelier side of the itinerary, give academia a go!


Since you were smart enough to take a high school summer program, you will have experienced the campus life in first person. You, my friend, will now be a league apart. And once you are in college, you no longer have to try extra hard to fit in. You have an edge over all the other freshmen at college. You know exactly how it works and how things roll.



While a high school summer program such as one being offered by Knowledge@Wharton High School, doesn’t guarantee you a seat in an Ivy League school of your choice, it does give you the right kind of experience so you can prepare well for that campus life you always dreamed of. And one fine day, when you stand in the sunny boulevard of your choice alma mater, look back and thank this post for convincing you to take that leap of faith.


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What are your plans this summer? If you are in the age group of 15-18, and are considering business studies as your college major, we recommend the Wharton summer program. KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy is a two-week intensive, summer leadership program conducted at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It is designed for a select group of high school students and combines business studies and hands-on workshops, with organized field trips and socio-cultural activities.

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