An Indian finance student describes life in New Zealand

24 Aug

Ninad Pethkar, who is from Mumbai, is pursuing a master’s degree in Finance at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He was the first student to go to New Zealand to study under an agreement signed in late 2016 for students of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Institute to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the university. Here’s what Pethkar has to say about life as an international student in the city of Dunedin.

Ninad Pethkar

I am from Mumbai, India. I am the first student from BSE Institute who was selected to study at a New Zealand university.

Studying at the University of Otago is a great experience. The class sizes are small, so lecturers can actually make sure that you are learning the content.

The emphasis of the Master’s in Finance (MFINC) degree is on research, and it is reflected in the course structure. We have research papers as our study assignment, writing a research report, and present in class.

The University of Otago (photo by denisbin, used under CC license)

We also apply our knowledge to real cases. We have a group project in which we are valuing an oil company using fundamental analysis, and adding stranded asset risk to analysis (Finc 420 Energy & Carbon Finance). So it is a great way to apply the skills you have.

University facilities are the best – great Wi-Fi on campus, key code access for students who want to use university services late at night), students dedicated study rooms for MFINC students, and the library – or rather, libraries! Yeah, we have six libraries! It is just great to be part of this student community.

File picture of the Octagon in Dunedin (photo by Daniel Chodusov, used under CC license)

The lifestyle here is kind of relaxed. No one is in a hurry – quite different from life back at home in Mumbai.

In my spare time, I prefer to stay in and read a book, or sometimes sketch. The weather here is too cold for me! I am used to the hot Mumbai weather, and it gets cold sometimes here in Dunedin. That’s why, in spare time, I stay home, relax, and try my hand at cooking. When it’s warm here, I take a walk by the Octagon (the city center in Dunedin), or sometimes got to the beach.

I am happy that I got the chance to study at the BSE Institute and the University of Otago.

Ninad Pethkar (right) with Ambarish Datta, CEO of the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute, at the University of Otago


By: Ninad Pethkar

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