Check out these hilarious science jokes by an 11-year-old genius

26 May

By now, you’ve probably heard about Tanishq Abraham, the 12-year-old kid who is weighing admission and scholarship offers from the University of California (UC) Davis and UC Santa Cruz. He graduated from high school at age 10, and at just a few days ago, at age 12, from the American River College in Sacramento, California, with degrees in mathematical and physical sciences, general science, and foreign language studies. His grade point average is 4.0, and he was quoted in local media as saying, “I think I’ll be 18 when I get my MD.”

It seems reasonable to assume that none of this surprised his parents. His dad, a software engineer, and mom, a veterinarian, have known for years that they have a genius on their hands. Two geniuses, in fact – not  only is Tanishq a member of Mensa, the international society for people with IQ scores in the top 2 percentile, but so is his little sister Tiara.

As a toddler, Tanishq loved reading. By the time he was two, he could recall everything he read, and could tell the time. At age 5, Tanishq took math classes at Stanford University, and at age six, online and high-school and college-level courses in chemistry, paleontology, biology, and geology. Like many kids his age, he plays the piano and sings in a choir.

He told local media recently that he wants to be a doctor, a medical researcher, and president of the United States. He’s one of those rare kids who really could be anything he wants to be – including a comedian. Watch him being cheeky as hell in this video from last year (he was 11 then) and tell us who you think is funnier – Tanishq or comedy veteran Conan O’Brien.


By: BrainGain Magazine Staff Writer

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