KWHS alumna gives TED-ed talk on valuing young voices

19 Mar

A student ambassador for BrainGain magazine, Ananya Grover studies at Amity International School in Noida. She thinks of herself as a nerd with a head full of questions about existence and experience. Ananya has an artistic side too – she loves dancing and calligraphy.

In 2017, she attended Session A of Knowledge@Wharton Global Young Leaders’ Academy.

In the video below, Ananya talks about why every teenager’s voice needs to be heard. And how, to make this possible in her own small way, she has started an online magazine at school. The first issue, titled ‘Reflections’ released on 15th August in 2017. Its theme was freedom.

Watch Ananya give a TED-ed talk on how important it is to value young voices below.


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