Making my move to study in Australia

14 Jun

Doing the research and trying to make the ‘right’ decision on where to study overseas can be an exhausting and overwhelming task. So Shishir’s here to help! Originally from India and now studying in Australia at Bond University, Shishir shares how he navigated his journey and offers some tips to students considering Australia for further study.

Why study in Australia?
When I started my research on where to do my master’s program, there were mainly two options in my mind – United States of America and Australia. In the end, the opportunity to study with a large population of international students is what drew me to choose to study in Australia. It’s one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world!

Bond Business School

When I researched Bond University I was blown away by the high yearly percentage intake of international students. Also, another influential factor in my decision to move to Australia was Bond University’s campus. It’s the most versatile campus I have ever seen! It provides all the facilities needed to grow and develop, including a Career Development Centre; Main Library (and a separate library just for law students); a brand new Sports Centre which includes a huge gym, swimming pool, fitness classes as well as tennis, squash and volleyball courts and sports fields; a learning/study centre open 24 hours a day – and that’s just scratching the surface.

How did you experience moving to Australia?
Moving to Australia was not difficult but I found immersing myself in the culture took a little while. But Australian’s are kind and helpful which made it easier.

The structure of coursework in India is totally different to that in Australia – India focuses heavily on theory while Australia provides many more opportunities to put theory into practice. Bond University’s approach to learning combines both theoretical learning and practical learning. It took about a semester to get used to it – but I’ve found this method of learning much more beneficial.

Getting involved in various social and academic clubs helped me to integrate into the culture quicker and I can honestly say it has really enhanced my campus living experience.

What do you love most about the Australian culture?
Another reason I chose to study in Australia was what I’d researched and found out about the Australian culture. I love the way people treat each other – with utter respect. I guess you could say the culture is that of low-power distance for example within the University people call each other by their first name without making an issue about the hierarchy. Many of my professors ask that we call them by their first name! I’ve also found there is a good balance between work and fun. There’s always plenty of opportunities to do things around the Gold Coast outside of class hours on weekdays and on the weekends.

What are some of your memorable moments?
Each city in Australia has its own beauty. I landed in Melbourne, then moved to the Gold Coast and later explored a bit of Brisbane. The faster work pace of Melbourne and Brisbane along with the relaxed vibes of Gold Coast makes Australia a complete package!

Bond Business School

I was recently involved in volunteering at one of the world’s biggest sporting events held here on the Gold Coast – it was a truly memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I’ve never seen such diversity under one roof. I had the opportunity to meet and make connections with people from different cultures which increased my desire to learn new languages.

Do you have tips?
Definitely make sure your accommodation is organised before coming to Australia! It saves valuable time which could be otherwise spent visiting beautiful locations around the Gold Coast and within Australia (there are so many beautiful places to see and time is never enough)!

Also, if you are an Indian cuisine lover, you better learn how to cook before coming Down Under. While there are Indian restaurants, the food is never quite the same!

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