Remembering a funny French teacher

11 Apr

Recently, someone asked on Quora, “What has been your strangest experience with a teacher. Many stories followed, including a few disturbing ones. Our favorite was this one, contributed by someone named Annie Howard:

When I was studying for GCSE French, our teacher had some very odd ideas:

  • He gave people nicknames based on their names in a very odd way, for example my surname is Howard and he always would ask “How’s the castle?” (there is a place called Castle Howard fairly close by).
  • Once a student was upset in a lesson so he got out a bottle labelled “Happy Pills” which contained sherbet lemons.
  • To check if people understood he would go through a whole sequence of questions such as “du l’eau ou du whiskey?” (water or whiskey?) to check if it was “clear” or not.
  • Every now and again he would have “hat lessons”, where he would unpack 30 hats from his desk and pass them out around the class.
  • He had a fluffy toy dragon, and if we weren’t listening he would come and poke us in the face with it.

I think the weirdest thing, though, was one of his punishments: He would make us stand in the corner facing away from the class, pass out stuffed toys to the rest of the pupils and then declare it was time for a stoning and everyone would lob toys at us.

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