A day in the life of an Indian journalism student at the University of Westminster

26 May

Rituja (extreme right) with her friends on the Tube.

Rituja (extreme right) with her friends on the Tube.

Let me describe to you a normal day in my life.

I wake up fresh as a daisy at about 8am, pack lunch, and gear up for my day. I live in Raffles House, which is university accommodation located 10 minutes away from the Harrow campus where I study. Raffles House is situated right next to the Wembley Stadium, making it extremely convenient as it is close to the Tube, grocery stores and the London Designer Outlet. I live in a shared flat with 5 other people. We have en suite rooms and share the kitchen and the living room. I love my flatmates and we have become really close friends. My accommodation has a lovely social room with a pool table, foosball, vending machine and a mini-library, and we often celebrate festivals and movie-nights.

I have my first class at about 10am followed by a seminar at 11am. After which, I spend some time with my course mates at the Refectory over lunch. After this I head to work at the Cavendish campus. I spend about 4 hours there and leave work at 6pm. After which I head home, meet my friends and eat dinner. After this I tend to spend some time studying and often head out with my friends for a night out! On most days during term time, I usually have a society event or meeting where I practice debating or MUNs or media meets.

On weekends, I tend to explore the city and see new places around London with my friends. I also go for dance classes in my community centre and some free yoga classes in the university. I have been to other cities in the UK, attended conferences and university society meetings. I am the Editor-in-chief for the QH, which is the university newspaper. I am also running for president for two other societies, I have a radio show too! I am the course representative for my course and a student ambassador for the university. I am a part of the Talent Bank which helps students find university jobs. I spend about 20 hours a week working and this has given me a sense of responsibility and routine.


Rituja Rao is studying for a BA in Journalism at the University of Westminster. This blog has been republished with permission. You can find the original post here.

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