The value of summer programs for high-school students

14 Jan

Most parents expect that A grades on the report card will, almost singlehandedly, guarantee their children admission in the course and college of their choice. And this admission will, in turn, ensure smooth sailing ahead. Their child will go on to become a successful professional and prosper in life. And all this can be achieved on the strength of a good score.

This expectation is not aligned with the world’s reality today. Undoubtedly, academic excellence is a prime requisite in college admissions and professional success, but it is not the only one. Ignoring this can make students falter in our competitive age.

The Value of Summer Programs for High School Students

Summer programs for high school students are a step in the right direction. They offer several advantages. Firstly, admission to these programs is often a precursor to the application process of recognized universities. Students can learn how to put their best foot forward, express, and appraise themselves. Secondly, students can experience college life within a supportive framework. This prepares them for the coming years. Thirdly, it offers a chance to mingle with, and learn from, peers from other cultures. A significant expansion of perspective ensues. Fourthly, summer programs often serve as an orientation to the rigors of academia, while enhancing academic and life skills.

Universities like UPenn offer the Knowledge@Wharton summer program for high school students. Graduating from such a course is a huge boost to the students’ confidence, skillset and their resume. The value of such an experience can hardly be overestimated.

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