Two Weeks at the Oxford Scholastica Academy’s Summer School

29 Jun


In 2015, I attended the Oxford Scholastica Academy’s summer school. It was a two-week summer programme for 13-18 year olds from around the world. I came across the summer school on the internet. It was one of many choices, but I liked this one the best as it had a balanced mixed of academics and extra-curricular activities.

I chose to be in the creative writing academy. What interested me the most was the syllabus, which included topics like- The Nature of Creative Writing, Analysing Autobiographies, Exploring Stories and Novels, Characters in Action, Discovering Genres, Characters vs. Plot, and Constructing Dialogue.

The programme cost approximately 4000 pounds. It was not just work. We also got to do really cool things such as punting, game nights, ice cream tastings and so on. We even got to see a play at Shakespeare’s Globe.  There were other outings to Windsor, Eton and London city.

A typical day at the academy had a bit of an early start. I would have my private study sessions from 9 AM to 10 AM. This was mainly for completing the assignments of the previous day. Then I would head out for classes from 10 AM to 12 PM. From there everyone went to the city center with their classmates for lunch. In the evening there would be a master class followed by dinner. Finally, we would have really cool activities like treasure hunts, sports, plays, picnics or even talent shows!

WOSA studentse had not only master classes but also stress busting classes, which made the academy different from others, and much more interesting! We were even able to do our little bit for charity by helping build a children’s garden.

Oxford Scholastica Academy proved to be the most memorable experience! I met people from every continent here. As one of my great friends said – we all have 77 more people in our family now!

I recommended the summer school experience to every one of my friends as I now do to you. It is an amazing thing to be a part of!


Authored by Yana Yadav

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