What does it take to Animate a Film?

23 Aug

We’re wondering the same thing to be honest – after we came across this beautiful graduation project – an animated video from some French students. The students are attendees of the Supinfocom school of digital film-making in Arles, France (http://www.supinfocom-arles.fr/index_en.html). We don’t actually have the answer as to how to animate a film (sorry), but we’re pretty sure you may find a helpful tip or two when you browse gallery section of this page: http://www.contretemps-lefilm.com.

Meanwhile, for some weekend cheer with a lovely touch of playful imagination, check out the animated video, Contre Temps (which denotes an unforseen occurance which disrupts the normal course of things – or simply, ‘against time’, when translated from the French) here:

Contre Temps

Contre temps from Contre temps Team on Vimeo.

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