Why studying Architecture at the University of Portsmouth is a great idea

26 Dec

Image Credit: University of Portsmouth

I came to Portsmouth to study for the BA (Hons) in Architecture. And it was the best decision I ever made. The city itself is a nice place because it is located on the south coast of England. It is known as the ‘’Great Waterfront City.’’ Right on the waterfront is where our University of Portsmouth is located, and I could not wish for a better city campus!

The facilities in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are very convenient, as I was able to access everything that assists with the completion of my projects and assignments – it is all in one place. All of the lecturers are very kind and helpful; they are always there to guide and share their knowledge and experiences with us.  A variety of Support Staff for the course are also available all year long, from drawing to software skills. One of the best-known places on the university campus is the Purple Door. It is to help students kick-start their career.  Thanks to Purple Door, I’ve had the opportunities to work for the university in two different roles already! The University Chaplaincy is also a very useful place to go to especially in terms of emotional well-being and care.

For a student like me, who loves meeting new people and taking part in various activities, the Students Union is the place t be! It consists of more than 150 student-led groups including the Choir and Catholic Society, of which I am a part!

I am happy that I am able to explore the balance in my social, academic and leisure life at the University of Portsmouth.   With a passion for art and creativity, I have been able to develop my interests while studying in a chilled-out and fun environment. The University of Portsmouth proved the best option for me,  and might for you too.


The blog was originally published here and has been reproduced with permission.

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