Word Nerd: 6 words that start with an S

13 Sep

Word Nerd

The letter S is the seventh most frequently used letter in English. And it begins and ends more words than any other. So, in honour of this month that starts with an s – we decide to dedicate this Word Nerd to six superlative words that begin with this alphabet.

1. Sarcast: While we love sarcasm, we’re surprised at seeing this word hardly ever used. It’s for a person who is sarcastic or makes a sarcasm. Cool, right?

2. Scrounge: This word means trying to steal something (typically food or cash) by taking advantage of someone’s generosity. But it can also mean looking for something like tickets to a festival or questions for a panel.

3. Sesquipedalian: Formally used to indicate words that are polysyllabic or long. This also applies to a long-winded style of writing. The word has Latin roots.

Do you know that some people also have a phobia for long words?

4. Suss: Originating from ‘suspect’ or ‘suspicion’, the word suss means to ‘discover the true nature of’ or be shrewd and wise. Suss can function as both a noun “He has no business suss” or as a verb “I sussed the situation and decided against.”

5. Sibilant: This is used to define the frequent repetition of the s or hissing sounds. In poetry or drama, sibilance is frequently used to create a negative, and dangerous atmosphere.

6. Sartorial: Anything related to dress, tailoring and style of clothes is sartorial. It comes from the Latin ‘sartor’ or tailor. An example of this sentence could be, “She avoided stereotypes: sartorial and otherwise.”

Any interesting s-words we missed? Tell us!

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