Word Nerd: 10 quirky words starting with a Q you will enjoy

31 Jul

Think of a word that begins with q (queen, queue, quintessential, querulous). Chances are you’ll flounder and fumble after you’ve listed 4-5. And you’re not alone. Q is one of the least popular initial letters in the English language. Approximately only 0.22% words start with an q. Keeping it company are the alphabets k (0.45%), x (0.45%) and z (0.45%).

But that’s no reason to neglect the letter. In this week’s Word Nerd, we bring you 10 queer words that begin with q. Expand your vocabulary and enjoy!

1. Quatsch or Quatch: Nonsense or rubbish.
According to the Oxford dictionary, the word comes from the German quatschen which is the sound made by a foot stepping on to wet mud. If that’s what someone sounds like when they talk, then they talk quatch!

2. Quicquidlibet: Whatever one pleases; anything whatsoever.
If you were looking for a fancy Latin way to say “whatever”, look no further. Once you can wrap your tongue around these four fancy syllables, you will be able to dismiss anyone with ease and élan.

3. Quixotic: Extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.
We hope you’ve read the novel by Cervantes. The word comes from the lead character who tilts at windmills, and decides that a peasant woman is his lady love, because too many romance novels have addled his brain.

4. Quod: Prison.
An interesting synonym which originated in the 17th century. Not to be confused with quoth or quad.

5. Quidam: An unknown individual; somebody.
Again a Latinate term. It is also the name of a Cirque du Soleil show. “Who was that at Bigby’s corner? Quidam.”

6. Quiddle: To fiddle or play about; to quibble or fuss excessively.
This word is easy to remember – too much quibble makes a quiddle.

7. Quotatious: Fond of using quotations; characterized by frequent quotations.
All literature students are quotatious. We maintain that it’s alright to use quotations if you can make each one do some heavy weight-lifting.

8. Quagswag: Someone who loves to be crazy & silly.
We love this word. Everyone needs a bit of quagswagger in their lives. Remember St. Thomas Aquinas said, “Unmitigated seriousness displays a lack of virtue.”

9. Quoz: An odd or ridiculous person or thing.
A pretty cute way to insult someone. We like coming up with those.

10. Quotidian: Occurring every day or commonplace.
This word sounds too fancy for describing something commonplace but that’s how it is. Definitely a word you can use to spruce up conversations and letters.

Any other q-words you would like to share with us? Or do you have an alphabet to recommend for a word list? Email us or leave a comment below.

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