Word Nerd: 7 knockout words that start with K

7 Aug

K, you will be surprised to note, is considered the funniest sound in the English language by comedians. It is also not a popular choice as an alphabet to begin words. Only 0.45% words start with a k.

That’s no reason to not include the following words in your vocabulary. So here are 7 weird, wonderful, nerdy words that start with a K. Enjoy!

1. Kakidrosis: body odour.
Or, to be more specific, sweat which smells. To be honest, the word makes the condition sound way more serious than it is. Another example being halitosis or bad breath, a word invented by oral care companies.

2. Kakistocracy: government by the worst.
Particularly relevant to our times, the Greek word ‘kakistos’ (worst) combines with -cracy (government rule, inspiration) to define the American government (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

3. Kakorraphiophobia: fear of failure.
Well, if you get over the fear of bungling up the pronunciation of this word, you will be able to intelligently explain away several no-show moments.

4. Kalology: study of beauty.
Thanks to the Greeks for this one too. ‘Kalo’ means beauty and ‘logo’ means ‘study of.’ It’s what Angelina Jolie compels us all to.

5. Keck: To retch; to feel disgust.
Sounds almost onomatopoeic.

6. Killcow: bully, swaggerer.
We’re not sure what the killing of cows has to do with being a bully but here’s another word to you can use for unpleasant people.

7. Koan: a question for students of Zen Buddhism, which demonstrates the futility of logical reasoning.
We thought this both a unique word and practice. The koan can be a story, dialogue, question, or riddle without solution. Students contemplate them to understand that logic cannot explain everything. We guess now they just use Donald Trump’s tweets.

 If there are any other interesting words with a K, let us know. Email us or leave a comment below.

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