Word Nerd: 5 Exciting Words You Must Know This December

30 Nov

Word Nerd
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Whether you’re thinking of writing Christmas wishes or just keen to learn more about the most festive season of this year – we’ve got you covered with this exciting list. From Christmas monsters to spongey desserts, this list has it all (and none of them is Santa’s famous laugh).

1. Krampus: Well, you know Christmas, but do you know about Krampus?

A Krampus is a half-demon, half-goat character from Alpine folklore. Krampus assists St. Nicholas. On Christmas eve, he visits the misbehaving children with birch rods while St. Nick doles out candy. After becoming a regular feature of American horror films, Krampus now has become a part of American pop culture.

2. Menorah: A large 9-branched candlestick used in Jewish worship during Hanukkah. It has a central socket and 4 branches on either side. This is one of the most widely recognized symbols of the eight-day festival.

3. Myrrh: This fragrant resin was one of the three gifts to the baby Jesus in the manger, along with gold and frankincense. Myrrh is still a sacred fragrance in many religions. It is used as incense, anointing oil, and fumigation.

4. Wassail: Traditionally, this meant spiced wine that was drunk during Christmas celebrations. It also referred to the hot, spiced cider served to poor carolers. As a verb, it means having a rowdy time after a few drinks and also to go singing carols from one house to another. While the word is archaic – we think this Christmas could be a good time to bring it back.

5. Yule: Today we might know Yule as synonymous with Christmas, but it started as a Germanic celebration. A log was thrown into the hearth as sacrifice and its ashes were spread across the house to guard against evil spirits. Today a yule log is a delicious dessert often made of sponge cake and ganache.

Are there any other exciting festive words for this season that you would like to share? Email us or drop a comment below.

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