Word Nerd: 5 summery words that will add warmth to your day (no matter the season)

28 Jun


It might have been a challenging year – with being locked indoors, and missing out on many summertime activities. For some that means beaches and for others, it means mountains. However, summer is a synonym for all things sunny.

So, in this edition of Word Nerd, we bring you your summer fix. These are five words which can help you think of summer all year long.

Apricate: According to the Collins Dictionary, this means sunbathing or basking in the sun. What would you give now to apricate on the beach, unworried, and in great company?

Languorous: Which season is more so than summer with its long days?
Although the word means inactivity or slowness, it has a positive connotation. We imagine it to be the kind of inactivity that comes after you’ve played for hours with your friends while your mum yells at you to come inside because it’s too hot. When you finally come in, you drop down on the couch, exhausted and happy. That’s languorous.

Aestival: Or estival. The word comes from the Latin for ‘heat’ and means ‘belong to or appearing in summer.’ The word is used frequently in the context of biology and other scientific studies. But, surely, you can now make it a part of your vocabulary and come up with some fancy used?

We’ll go first: ‘The aestival crowds in the park are one of my favorite views from the balcony.

Solstice: The time or date (twice each year) at which the sun reaches its maximum or minimum declination, marked by the longest or shortest days (21st June or 22nd December). This comes from the Latin ‘sol’ (sun) + ‘stit’ (stopped).

Serotinal: In American English, this word means ‘occurring in late summer.’ What are a few serotinal events you can think of? We can think of pruning. Avid gardeners like to trim their hedges and prepare for a new season. What can you think of in your calendar that has a serotinal rhythm?

Any other summery words that should be on this list? Please share with us in the comments.

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