Word Nerd: 5 Unusual Words about Love that You’ll Love

29 Jun


With this Word Nerd, we’re bringing you a splash of positivity. These are five words that describe the love we feel for things and experiences. A few words on this list have the suffix of ‘philia’ – which is the Greek word for fondness. This is the opposite of – any guesses – phobia.

So, this is a nice little meditation on things to love. We hope you find a word that describes you too!

1. Biophilia: Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson coined the word. To him, it meant our innate affinity for the natural world. In simpler terms, it means we are hard wired to be outside. And that’s something which has been challenged by the lockdowns we’ve been in since 2020. While it’s important to stay safe, make sure, you get to an open space every once in a while.

2. Logophilia: Derived from the word logophile. It comes from the Greek words ‘logos’ – word, and ‘-phile’ which is lover. So, a love for words. It’s why you’re reading the column in the first place, right?

3. Astrophilia: This one is pretty simple to figure – a love of stars. If you like looking at the stars with apps like Sky View or SkySafari, or are investing in a proper telescope to spot them – you’d qualify as an astrophile. It’s a lovely hobby to have, we think!

4. Oenophilia: ‘Oinos’ in Greek means wine. So, the word stands for a connoisseur of wines. The signs are if you prefer perusing the wine list for a length of time instead of talking to guests at a dinner; if visiting the local wineries is top of your list when you travel, and your preferred social event is a wine tasting. If you mentally ticked two or more, you should consider a career as a sommelier.

5. Mycophilia: This is a polarizing one. It comes from a fondness for eating mushrooms. Whether on pizzas or in soup or in sandwiches – if you’re enthusiastic about mushrooms and other edible fungi then you’re a mycophile.

Which is your favourite word that describes a strange or not so strange affection? Share with us in the comments below!

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