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5 tips to convince your parents to let you study abroad

22 Feb

So you’ve shortlisted universities, taken the exams you need to take, and even got great scores. And yet, your dream of studying abroad has screeched to a halt. The reason? Your parents aren’t ready to let their precious fledgling fly from the nest. If this sounds like your story, here are a few tips that […]

The value of international education for 21st-century Indians

26 Apr

I was privileged enough to spend a part of my childhood in sunny California, where I studied at an almost bohemian elementary school, complete with a farm that students tended, and teachers who felt more like friends. Coming from India, I often faced questions from students and teachers about my cultural background: Did India have […]

Where to study?

30 Apr

Where to study

It’s a big wide world out there – what does that mean for those heading abroad for higher studies?